Digitisation of diagnostic test consultations

Due to the restrictions on physical training courses imposed by the coronavirus measures, Star-shl quickly made a new digital move this year: training by means of webinars.

26 diagnostic test consultations (DTOs) were conducted entirely in this new way since the autumn of 2020, in addition to lunch webinars and case conferences for GPs and practice assistants and many internal training sessions. Digital knowledge tests and evaluations are incorporated seamlessly into this training.

Beforehand, teachers and participants had their doubts: would webinars match physical training courses in terms of knowledge transfer and interaction? Practice showed that digital training has a great deal to offer. The participants’ evaluations of the substantive level of the training courses are high, and interaction proves possible even in groups of more than 25 participants. Additionally, participants frequently mention the practical benefits. In that way, the training saves participants a great deal of time, both because they do not have to travel and because webinars rarely run late. Many participants prefer physical schools because of the personal contact, but webinars have proven to be a realistic alternative.

Star-shl continued to use e-learning and blended learning as tools to efficiently train and empower applicants and staff in 2020. Participants in our training courses are accustomed to knowledge tests and evaluations at DTOs/training courses being offered entirely digitally.

Would you like to know more about our digital learning tools? Or do you want to organise your own physical or digital training? If so, please contact the training department: scholingen@star-shl.nl