New committee for new science

This year, the Scientific Research Committee (CWO) was launched. The CWO assesses all requests to start or participate in scientific studies.

Employees of Star-shl can initiate scientific research. They can also participate in scientific research conducted by others, for example by making knowledge, manpower and data available from Star-shl. After a general screening for suitability (content, basic information, elaboration) by one of the committee members, the applications are systematically evaluated on various criteria, including relevance to our customers, connection to the strategic themes, innovative value and feasibility. The CWO then advises the Board of Directors on the decision to be taken.

In 2020, the following studies were assessed and fed back to the applicant(s):

Prospective diagnosis of COVID-19 infection using exhaled breath analysis by electronic nose.

Applicants: LUMC and Breathomix
Agreement for study participation. The study has now also been successfully completed.

Validation and impact of a simplified clinical decision rule for diagnosing pulmonary embolism in primary care: design of the PECAN prospective diagnostic cohort management study.

Applicant: UMCU
The study was provisionally approved just before the official start of CWO, but Star-shl’s participation was postponed due to interference with EVA 2.

Single use vs reusable catheters in intermittent Catheterization for treatment of urinary retention: a Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized controlled, non-inferiority trial (COMPaRE).

Applicant: Erasmus MC
Agreement for study participation; study ongoing.

Incidence of hepatitis B and C among pregnant women.

Applicant: Erasmus MC
Agreement for study participation; study ongoing.

Targeted Mass Spectrometry for the detection SARS-CoV-2 proteins

Applicant: Erasmus MC
Agreement for study participation; study not yet started.

The CWO consists of Marieke Kruip (MD PhD, internist haematologist, medical director of the anticoagulation clinic), Khoa Thai (MD PhD, physician microbiologist), Rogier Hopstaken (MD PhD, general practitioner, innovation specialist), Zeeger Beukenhorst (LLM, lawyer) and Arnoud Frericks (MSc, secretary). Please direct new questions and requests to