Thrombosis care in my pocket

In the case of long-term treatment, it is important to support the patient in such a way that the individual situation is optimally controlled and directed. The Anticoagulation Clinic is responding to this with an app that seamlessly links up with the wishes and possibilities of the patient and informal caregivers.

“A good adjustment of my blood coagulation is literally a matter of life and death. At the same time, it is also a daily burden to monitor it for my entire life and to take daily medication.

Fortunately, this is made easy for me with the Tropaz app from the Anticoagulation Clinic. With this app, I have my anticoagulation treatment in my pocket. I can see at any time what my latest results are and what medication I have to take. And if I forget my medication, I will receive a message. How great is that?!

I can also report, for example, if I’m having an operation or if I’m ill. In this way, the anticoagulation doctor of the Anticoagulation Clinic can adjust my medication in a timely manner. And if I go on holiday, I can also report it and my checks will be adjusted.

Thanks to the app, I am more involved in my own care and that makes my results better. I am now also starting self-measurement at home. This gives me even more control and I will receive an automatic message when the new medication regimen is ready for me. And everything is paperless, which is good for the environment. I can choose what I can and want to control and the app supports me. That gives me confidence.

That makes us a good team for my optimal thrombosis care.”

Currently, more than 8,000 patients (over 30%) of the Anticoagulation Clinic use the app. Through effective cooperation with ASolutions and thanks to word of mouth from patients, we have noticed that the number is growing rapidly. In 2021, the Anticoagulation Clinic will make additional efforts to make the app available to more patients or their informal caregivers.