Rapid LAMP-PCR test for COVID-19

Closely following developments in medical diagnostics, Star-shl has implemented various COVID-19 NAAT tests in its laboratory. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the LAMP-PCR test has also become available on a new POCT platform.

In 2021 the medical microbiology department validated, inter alia, the LAMP-PCR test for COVID-19 using a POCT device, the ID Now (Abbott), by comparing it to the Seegene RT-PCR reference method. The validation was carried out in accordance with current guidelines and examined various common collection swabs in storage media. The results were excellent and comparable to published data. The ID Now can be implemented in the scope of care served by Star-shl.

In addition, various general practitioners and nursing homes have signed up to start this follow-up process with us. The ID-Now is now widely used as a ‘rapid PCR test’ by various test centres. The test is also routinely used in hospitals and at international airports, among other places.