Star-shl and WONCA Global Family Doctor

Since 2021, the Innovation Team at Star-shl has been working with WONCA to build more quality-assured point-of-care testing worldwide.

For example, Star-shl organised the first, digital workshop of the POCT Special Interest Group for WONCA, featuring Gijs de Kort and Rogier Hopstaken (Star-shl Innovation Team) and Susan Matthews (POCT Director, Adelaide, Australia) as speakers. The workshop and the live Q&A session was headed by Siham el Farssi from our Innovation Team.

The session was a great cooperative effort by Star-shl, Studio Avenue Breda, Meeting Minds congress organisers, the 2021 WONCA World Conference Organisation in Abu Dhabi UAE, and Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

A survey about POCT developments has now been sent to the members of the working group, and we are building a communication platform to share ideas and knowledge about POCT and to facilitate new initiatives.