Star-shl – Together for health

Keeping diagnostics accessible during a pandemic: we have learned a great deal in the past two years. The COVID-19 pandemic had (and still has) an impact on daily life, and especially on healthcare. It has accelerated all sorts of processes, also speeding up the role of digitalisation.

Because we were compelled to maintain physical distance, we have seen more than ever that digital connections are important. We also see that healthcare professionals are rapidly developing ways to connect physical care and digital opportunities. The challenge for Star-shl is to align diagnostics with these developments. Examples include giving clients real-time access to laboratory results and making it possible to share images with the hospital upon referral. We have also learned that contact via a screen can be fast and close.

We will carry these experiences with us into the new year to update and innovate. This is a good fit for us: looking to the future and taking on every challenge to bring fast, efficient and reliable diagnostics to the next level, for patients and for healthcare providers.

We achieve this by investing in innovation, sharing knowledge and developing new applications on behalf of and in cooperation with others in the care chain. We also achieve this by participating in scientific research and seeking partnerships. This is just one of the reasons that ‘Together’ is a core value at Star-shl.

Would you like to know more about innovation? Or do you have suggestions? We cordially invite you to contact us. Call or e-mail the Star-shl innovation team or notify your customer relations manager.

Astrid van der Put and Jeroen Bos, Star-shl Board of Directors
Rogier Hopstaken and Marieke van Schaijk, Star-shl Innovation Team